• Educate families and friends about the importance of dryer vent safety
  • Lives, homes, and money are saved when families eliminate dryer vent hazards
  • Consider a neighborhood fire safety week and have all homes done at the same time
  • School fundraisers with Dryer Vent Wizard raise awareness, funds and peace of mind for families
CASH In Your Pocket!
For each and every referral you give us, we will provide a THANK YOU check after services are completed. Contact us directly to discuss details.

Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to be safe by having their dryer vent serviced annually. 
Free Flyers
We will gladly provide informative flyers for you to distribute to your homeowners association, fundraising committee or youth group.

Top 10 Reasons to participate in our Fire Prevention Fundraiser:
 1. No product to order and keep track of
 2. No money to collect
 3. No walking around the neighborhood
 4. No overpriced food or gift wrap to sell
 5. Fire departments, insurance companies and appliance
     manufacturers recommend annual dryer inspection and 
     cleaning to reduce risk of dryer fires
 6. Help educate families and friends about the importance of 
     dryer vent safety
 7. Lives can be saved when families protect themselves from 
     dryer vent hazards
 8. Supporters make their own appointment 24 hours a day, 7
     days a week
 9. Supporters receive EXCELLENT customer service even 
     after the fundraiser ends
10. Students can earn up to $280 in 1 month