Trust Dryer Vent Wizard technicians to protect your assets:
  • With over 60 franchisees across the U.S., Dryer Vent Wizard provides reliable, professional service to multi-unit residential owners.
  • Our technicians have top of the line equipment and materials to clean, repair, replace and alter vents on your property efficiently and effectively according to ICC Codes.
  • Local fire departments, appliance manufacturers and insurance companies recommend that dryer vents be inspected and cleaned regularly.  
Dryer Vent Wizard Service helps Commercial Owners:
1. Safeguard your assets and your tenants' property
      Avg. Number of Structure Fires Reported to U.S. Fire Departments 
  • Property Damages: $192 million---#1 Cause was Dirty Dryer Vents
  • Civilian Deaths: 29---#1 Cause was Dirty Dryer Vents
  • Civilian Injuries: 402---#1 Cause was Dirty Dryer Vents
  • Number of Fires: 15,500---#1 Cause was Dirty Dryer Vents                    
  • Longer drying time causes dryers to work less efficiently and can damage or ruin dryers.
  • Protect your investment and keep your insurance rates low with a small investment in vent service                                          NFPA Fire Analysis 2006-2010
    2. Safeguard your valuable time and tenants' time
           State of art equipment allows vents to be cleaned without entering 
              apartments or condominiums; no disterbing tenants' privacy or schedule
           •Repairs can be made SAME day as cleaning
           Longer dryer time wastes tenants' time; increased frustration with owner
           Maintenance employee wastes time trouble shooting dryer problems caused by 
             dirty vents
           Efficiently executed service allows your maintenance team manage other

    3. Save energy and money
          Dirty dryer vents use more energy resources and RAISE utility costs 
          Dryers operating with clogged dryer vents could be damaged or ruined
          • Consider the cost a dryer fire would have on your investment property