U.S. DRYER FIRES average cost per year--    

  • $14,000 in property damage per dryer fire*  
  • 47 deaths* 
  • 380 injuries*
  • $50-$800 to replace dryer heating element  Footnote Link
  • $250 for extra ENERGY to dry clothing* *NAFPA Dryer Facts
The average cost to protect your home:
   * Homeowner's Insurance: $644 per year.                                             Footnote link
   * Carbon Monoxide Detector: $20-$50
   * Smoke Detector: $6-$20
   * Cost to Install Alarm System: $647-$945                                            Footnote Link
   * Dryer vent cleaning: $100-$150                                                          Footnote Link

Dryer Vent Wizard of S.E. Wisconsin pricing is competitive with the average market rates

Lifetime Warranty package 
  • After the first cleaning, customer's can purchase this low cost savings warranty*
  • Customer receives FREE annual inspections with 20% discount on future services
Why dryer vent cleaning costs more than $60
  • Reputable companies invest in quality employees, equipment, INSURANCE, customer discounts, along with transportation and fuel expenses
  • If someone quotes very low price to clean your dryer vent, be wary, you may NOT get the professional, COMPLETE service that you want for your family and home
  • Work with insured service providers that use quality materials that meet or EXCEED code requirements
  • Request an airflow analysis and "Before and After" photos to verify that the work is COMPLETE and offers you the peace of mind you deserve
  • Dryer vent cleanings should NOT take only 20 minutes, QUALITY workmanship could take as long as 2-3 hours depending on the condition of the vents
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